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Person Centered Counseling

Person Centered Counseling was created by Carl Rogers. This type of humanistic counseling deals with the ways in which people perceive themselves consciously rather than having a counselor try to interpret unconscious thoughts or ideas. There are many different components and tools used in person-centered counseling, including active listening, genuineness, paraphrasing, and more. The real point is that the client already has the answers to the problems and the job of the counselor is to listen without making any judgements, without giving advice, and simply help the client feel accepted and understand their own feelings.

The psychodynamic counselor sees counseling as helping the person explore their relationships with others, and is achieved through the client becoming more aware of his / her internalised aspects of personality. As much of this mental activity is unconscious, the aim of counseling is to bring internalised conflict into conscious awareness and thus enable the person to deal more effectively with the demands of external reality.

Counseling is not only about looking at the past, it is also about building a sustainable future that is spiritually, intellectually and emotionally fulfilling. This may require an exploration of the transpersonal as well as the attitudes, behaviours and feelings associated with everyday experience.

You may have lost sight of your vision for yourself, or of the things that you would like to make a permanent feature in your life: those experiences that make you look forward to the day ahead, and allow you to retire to sleep with a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. Person centred counseling provides an opportunity for you to come to terms with your difficulties and challenges, your hopes and your dreams.

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